New growers

KVH welcomes new kiwifruit growers to the industry. The growers section of our website includes a wealth of information about managing the risk of unwanted pest and disease threats, and Psa management. Other key information is summarised below.

In May 2013 the NPMP came into effect to help reduce the spread of Psa-V and its impacts to the kiwifruit industry - click here for the summary document. A grower levy was established to fund the NPMP.

Under the NPMP there are some mandatory activities kiwifruit growers are required to carry out. These are:

In May 2014 KVH launched the KPCS to reduce the risk of kiwifruit pests and diseases being spread through the movement of nursery plants. Click here for information about buying, selling or growing kiwifruit plants or read more about the KPCS.

KVH-produced corflute biosecurity signage is available for orchard entry points free of charge.

These signs are to raise biosecurity awareness for people entering the orchard, and to help you set agreed expectations for best biosecurity practice.

Contact your pack-house, email KVH, or phone us on 0800 665 825 with a postal address and we will send signs to you.

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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email KVH or phone us at 0800 665 825.