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Autumn Psa reminder

Autumn Psa reminder

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Autumn Psa reminder

This week a Gisborne grower forwarded this image of a young Gold3 trunk showing recent Psa exudate. It provides an important reminder that despite a long dry summer, Psa never really goes away and can quickly reactivate as temperatures cool and rain periods become more prevalent.

A number of plants in the same block had internal staining in some pruned canes with this also indicating a level of Psa infection within the block. Care was taken to cut back beyond the infected tissue and good tool hygiene was maintained to avoid disease transfer.

Copper at winter rates was applied to the pruned canopy and as there was still a good level of green leaf available, Actigard was also included to provide added protection against further autumn and winter infection.

A reminder good autumn Psa protection is also important for mature fruiting blocks. Copper should be applied as soon as possible after fruit harvest and if the canopy condition allows and there is no risk of drift to unharvested fruit. Actigard should also be applied. As a rule of thumb ensure at least 50% of canopy leaves are still green if using this plant defence elicitor. More details on the use of Actigard can be found here.


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