Biosecurity module introduced to new young growers

21 July 2022

Last week KVH travelled to Gisborne to present, for the first time, a biosecurity module as part of the Tairawhiti Gisborne Young Grower of the Year competition.

This event tested the talents of 11 young people employed in the fruit and vegetable sectors of Gisborne, with the fruit-bowl of kiwifruit, grapes, apples, citrus and vegetables all represented.

We were thrilled with the strong knowledge contestants displayed of the importance of biosecurity in protecting our primary sectors, natural environment and also the communities in which we live.

In particular there was great understanding of the key entry pathways of high-risk biosecurity threats (such as fruit flies and stink bugs), and personal responsibility for reporting the unusual. In fact one contestant had recently made a report “just to be sure”.

These events demonstrate the value in having networks across all sectors, spreading biosecurity messages to people keen to engage to support their industries and their futures.

Contestants get to know each other better during an Icebreaker activity ahead of the main event, Kaiaponi Farms, Gisborne.