Moving plant material? Traceability is easier than ever

01 September 2022

Traceability of plant material is now quicker, simpler, and easier for all, with advanced functionality within the Onside app.

KVH and Onside have worked together to develop this free new way of record keeping, now available to all users of the app.

We all have a collective responsibility to manage biosecurity risk, and everyone in the industry is required to keep accessible records of plant material movements. This new Onside function makes recording all such movements to and from your property much easier (and ensures you meet your requirements under GAP and the industry’s new Pathway Management Plan). It also greatly improves KVH’s ability to protect our industry as it enhances quick and accurate tracing in the event of a biosecurity event or incursion.

How to join

It’s easy to sign up and get going. All you need to do is enable recording in your Onside account. From there you can easily record all details, including source; material type and volume; and property KPIN.

If you don’t already have the Onside app you can download it from your app store (Apple or Google Play).

Once your movements are entered, all records will be stored in your Onside account and will soon be available to download anytime for your GAP audit.

When you enable reporting, you will give KVH access to view some of your data in Onside, if there is ever a biosecurity concern being looked into, and within such a circumstance you are agreeing to share:

• plant material movement records;

• anonymised visitor logs; and

• in the event of a biosecurity concern, KVH may ask to contact an anonymous visitor (KVH will always inform you before contacting this user, and it is only in this case that visitor details are shared with KVH).

Prefer to stick with your current manual system?

While it is mandatory under the Pathway Management Plan to record plant material movements on and off orchards, you can use whatever system you choose to create and store these records (including paper-based tools) provided they are accurate and up to date. If manual recording is your preferred method, feel free to continue in that way.

About the Pathway Plan

From 1 April 2022, the National Kiwifruit Pathway Management Plan came into effect. This provides our industry with a legal basis for better protection against a wide range of biosecurity threats rather than focusing only on a single organism of Psa. This is a significant milestone for the industry, but it is only a single component of creating a more biosecurity resilient industry.

Our biosecurity resilience is only as good as our industry practices and KVH appreciates that growers have a lot to deal with - not just growing fruit but also dealing with an increasing level of compliance. That is why we’re working hard to create tools that make biosecurity risk management pragmatic, simple, and effective.

As part of these efforts, this partnership with Onside offers users of the app a free, simple and easy way to meet Pathway Management Plan requirements and provides KVH with an innovative and improved system to respond quickly and ensure better biosecurity protection for growers.

About Onside

Onside is a New Zealand based technology company that provides a digital check in solution for the rural sector.

There are already 14,000 properties mapped by Onside across the rural sector, and more than a million movements. The app is widely used in the kiwifruit sector, with around 2,500 properties mapped and thousands of movements being recorded in real time every week.

Onside has its origins as a health and safety tool to keep track of staff and contractor movements, however its application to biosecurity is well recognised and used widely in the Mycoplasma bovis response. The Government recently announced a funding programme supporting the scale up of Onside’s biosecurity technology which this project leverages for the kiwifruit industry.