Grafting? Protect your investment

23 June 2022

A reminder to all growers considering grafting this winter to protect their orchard investments by following biosecurity protocols. These apply whether grafting one plant, one hectare or a whole new development block.

  • Select budwood from within your own orchard or if this is not possible, source from a budwood supplier who is KPCS certified with KVH.
  • Budwood cannot move from a Psa positive orchard to a Not Detected orchard.
  • Budwood to graft up to 1,000 plants can be moved between properties owned by the same legal entity within the same Psa region without requiring certification. Contact KVH for all other movements – permissions may be required.
  • Traceability of plant material is important. Keep records of budwood source and where budwood is used. An orchard map is a good way of plotting this and meeting GAP requirements.
  • Tool hygiene when grafting is important to avoid spreading infection between plants, blocks, and orchards. Sanitise all tools coming on to the orchard, using effective and recommended sanitisers and clean tools at least between rows and at breaks.
  • All other distributors of budwood, such as pack-houses and grafters should check their requirements with KVH. Email [email protected] or phone 0800 665 825.