Grower support for survey appreciated

12 May 2022

KVH would like to thank the growers who put their hands up to be included in the autumn 2022 round of the industry phytophthora survey.

Plant & Food Research have now sampled a further 25 sites bringing the total number of orchards included in the project to 75. The next round of the survey will run in spring with sampling commencing in November 2022. Growers interested in being included in this final round are encouraged to get in touch either now or over coming months.

Phytophthoras require high soil moisture to infect host roots, so the pathogen thrives in areas of excess soil moisture and poor drainage.

The pathogen infects the smaller (feeder) roots with infected root tissue, developing spore-forming structures and producing spores cause disease spread.

Growers are recommended to check any orchard areas where water is known to pool following heavy rain, as these are possible hotspots for Phytophthora root rots. Affected vines will show slow decline, especially in new plantings.

Vines with poor cane extension and early yellowing of leaves are worth tagging and monitoring as these are indicators that something may be amiss in the root zone.

Revisit vines next spring and if budbreak is poor this may be another indicator of poor vine health with follow-up required. Growers seeing unusual vine symptoms of concern can contact KVH on 0800 665 825 or [email protected].