Keeping stink bugs out

12 May 2022

The high-risk season has now closed but there are still unwanted stink bugs hitchhiking their way to our shores.

Within the last few weeks there have been two detections of live Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) – one in a package of toys from the USA, and one in the kitchen of a residence in Auckland where a traveler from England had been staying. More detail can be read in the latest KVH risk update for BMSB.

In both cases the finds were fortunately quickly reported and therefore able to be immediately looked into, with no signs of further bugs. Both detections are reminders of the ongoing risk BMSB poses and how frequently it can be intercepted and stopped at our border. Remember to be on the lookout and report anything unusual. Information and videos about the risks this bug poses are available on the KVH website.