New biosecurity governance guidance elevates risk management

10 November 2022

The significance of biosecurity to the New Zealand economy and the business community is underscored by its top priority ranking for 12 years in a row in the KPMG Agribusiness Agenda.

With the high degree of connectivity between New Zealand businesses – especially within the horticultural sector - it is a risk that commands active governance and management at all top tables.

To aid discussion in New Zealand’s boardrooms and at senior leadership tables, the Biosecurity Business Pledge last week launched two new guidance documents.

The ‘CEO Guide to Biosecurity’ and ‘Biosecurity Considerations for Boards’ were developed by Pledge signatory organisations – led by KVH - in consultation with a cross-section of Pledge chief executives and governors.

The guidance documents are endorsed by Peter McBride, Chairman of Fonterra and former Chair of Zespri, who joined the launch, as did James Trevelyan, who particularly welcomed the CEO guidance as helping businesses identify and operationalise their mitigating responses to their key biosecurity risks and practices.

The documents are available here (or directly downloadable below) and printed versions will be available at the KVH office shortly. Please get in touch if you would like a copy, or if there is any element of either that you would like to discuss.

The Business Biosecurity Pledge is a network of almost 250 business sector organisations that have committed to being an active part of New Zealand’s biosecurity team by integrating proactive biosecurity practices into their operations and supply chains. The kiwifruit industry is represented on the Pledge’s Member Reference Group (who oversee the programme and its delivery) by KVH Chief Executive Leanne Stewart.