Psa variant update

10 November 2022

KVH has been undertaking monitoring of potentially affected orchards in surronding areas, after the detection of a Psa variant on two properties was confirmed in July.

The aim of the monitoring is to determine presence and prevalence of the variant, which has now been detected at three additional properties. This is not unexpected and with continued monitoring underway, will add to our knowledge about any potential significance of this variant.

As is routine, and to address any potential risk, KVH and Zespri have also commissioned research to understand what this Psa variant means for the kiwifruit industry, and this is progressing well. We hope to have results from this work before the end of the year.

Psa remains a specified organism in our new Pathway Plan, which continues to provide the ability to manage the spread of new and existing forms of Psa should they be found. There are also several Psa resources available on the KVH website, providing year-round guidance for protecting and managing kiwifruit orchards in a Psa environment.