Response to reported Indonesia Foot and Mouth outbreak

12 May 2022

Biosecurity New Zealand is closely monitoring reports of a Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in Indonesia, a reminder of how important it is to have strong biosecurity practices in place, all the time.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has issued a notification suspending Indonesia’s FMD freedom status, and New Zealand officials are keeping a close watch on developments.

New Zealand has some of the world's toughest biosecurity measures for FMD and the risk is considered low. Our multi-layered biosecurity system includes risk assessment, visual inspections, X-ray screening, scanning technology, and detector dogs to prevent risk goods from being carried into New Zealand by travelers or arriving by mail. All shipping containers and imported goods are also assessed for biosecurity risk.

While the suspected outbreak is a timely reminder for farmers to have strong biosecurity measures in place on their farms it also highlights that for us all, complacency is a risk in itself. We must make sure we are investing a little time in establishing good biosecurity practices day-to-day with an On-Orchard Biosecurity Plan.

Investing a little time in establishing good biosecurity practices on your orchard promises a hundredfold reward, not only through the smooth operation of day-to-day business but also the avoidance of financial problems, movement restrictions, and possible market access issues in the future from unchecked disease or pest populations.

If you would like any information about biosecurity plans or any assistance with developing a plan that suits you and your property there are samples and templates available on the KVH website here, or feel free to contact the KVH office for assistance.