Revised orchard hygiene more practical for Recovery regions

30 October 2014

KVH has revised its best practice guidelines for orchard hygiene. The main changes include a more practical approach to orchard hygiene in Recovery regions where infection is widespread.

More focus is placed on removing any visible signs of plant material rather than sanitisation of footwear and hands between orchards in Recovery regions. The revised best practice guidelines also recognise the lower risk of vehicle movements onto orchards, such as quad bikes and fertiliser spreaders, and doesn’t require cleaning and sanitisation between orchards in Recovery regions.

However, the risk of transferring disease through movement of infected plant material remains. Therefore growers who require additional measures to reduce the risk, including sanitisation of footwear and hands, are encouraged to do so.

If you have any feedback about the changes, please email [email protected].

  • Click here to view the amended orchard hygiene best practice document.