Te Puke sites wanted for industry Neonectria survey

10 November 2022

KVH is interested in hearing from Gold3 growers in the wider Te Puke area who would like to be included in the industry Neonectria microconidia survey.

Previous research has shown that this fungal organism can be found across our kiwifruit growing regions and while growers have reported symptoms in both Gold3 and Hayward, the trend has been for more symptom expression in Gold3. A previous survey looked at the prevalence of this organism across the Tasman region after unusual vine symptoms on Gold3 were reported to KVH. A Neonectria information sheet describing typical symptoms and suggested management advice is now available on the KVH website.

This next survey is designed to build a greater understanding of Neonectria-like symptoms and what is causing them, with focus on Kerikeri and Te Puke regions. Planning is to complete this survey by early December 2022.

Any growers who have observed Neonectria-like symptoms and are interested in being included in this survey or who would like to know more about this programme can contact KVH at [email protected].

More information about the survey is available here.