Wanganui workshops

18 August 2022

This week KVH travelled to Wanganui to catch up with growers, new orchard owners and key orchard staff to talk more about the new Pathway Management Plan and its role in protecting our industry’s orchard investments.

We highlighted the simple things that everyone can do daily to reduce risk and ensure as an individual and as a region they are prepared should a future industry incursion occur.

All growers built their own biosecurity plans, bouncing ideas off each other throughout the workshop and being surprised by how much they already knew and were doing in this space. The importance of including contractors and staff in the biosecurity readiness journey was highlighted as they share an important role.

It was fantastic to have a full attendance from a growing area which continues to show confidence through ongoing development of new orchards.

If you would like to take part in or host a similar chat on the new Pathway Management Plan, please get in touch. We can come to you (or go virtual) and run a session.

We can also run interactive sessions as small or large as you like on how to develop biosecurity plans – these have been popular, with attendees leaving with their own on-orchard biosecurity plan, tailored to their property.