In 2013 KVH developed a National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP) to ensure the entire industry worked together to overcome the impacts of Psa-V into the future. The NPMP was approved by the then Minister for Primary Industries and commenced Friday 17 May 2013 for a 10 year term and will be replaced by the new Pathway Management Plan.
The Biosecurity (National Psa-V Pest Management Plan) Order 2013 is a legal document. Detailed information is available here, or you can read the KVH summary, which explains the objectives of the plan and how it works.
In May 2020, KVH completed an internal, non-statutory review of the NPMP.
KVH reviews an Operational Plan for the NPMP annually, as appropriate. This Plan sets out how the NPMP will be implemented over the year ahead. It includes the KVH Board’s NPMP strategy, policies that guide how KVH will make decisions, the approach KVH will apply to achieve the NPMP objectives and budget and performance measures against which outcomes can be judged. The 2021/22 Operation Plan was approved by the KVH Board and provided to the Minister for Biosecurity.