KVH has developed the following protocols to minimise biosecurity risks associated with post-harvest, including harvest, packing, transporting and handling reject fruit.

An increasing amount of kiwifruit is loaded direct into shipping containers. Post-harvest operators assisting to ensure all containers are free of contaminants will minimise the risk of introducing unwanted organisms that are not currently present in New Zealand.


KVH has developed the following protocols and requirements to minimise the biosecurity risks associated with the transport and handling of reject fruit.

All kiwifruit processors (defined as "a business that processes kiwifruit products and prepares those products for market") must register with KVH.

processor registration form

Growers and post-harvest suppliers should only supply kiwifruit for processing to KVH registered processors. Please contact KVH if you wish to supply kiwifruit to a processor that does not appear on the list.

KVH Registered Processors