Movement control rules for kiwifruit firewood

07 April 2016

Kiwifruit trunks make great firewood, but growers and orchard managers are reminded of movement control rules for all kiwifruit plant material moving off an orchard. This includes kiwifruit trunks used as firewood.

KVH permission is required if kiwifruit firewood is moved from a Psa-V positive orchard. The only circumstance under which a permission may be given is if the firewood is moved to a location within the same Recovery region. The firewood must be covered in transit.

Moving kiwifruit firewood from a Psa-V positive orchard to a location in a different region, is prohibited. The reason for this rule is to restrict movement of kiwifruit plant material across regions and reduce the risk of resistant bacteria or other pathogens or pests being moved significant distances. KVH wants consistency in managing risk associated with the movement of all plant material.

The KVH Protocol for movement of kiwifruit firewood can be viewed here.

The rule of thumb is to dispose of all kiwifruit plant material on the property of origin using approved disposal methods. These include mulching, burial or burning. Further information can be found in the KVH Protocol for disposal methods, which can be viewed here.

Do not throw the trunks over a bank as they are likely to regrow and cost the landowner to control as wild kiwifruit.