All contractors must comply with individual orchard hygiene measures and KVH movement controls. These controls cover all inter-regional movements of risk items including contractor machinery, tools and equipment. If unsure, always check with KVH if permission for movement is required.


Transporters need to take additional precautions to reduce the spread of Psa-V.

Psa-V-infected plant material, whether as part of a load or as a 'hitchhiker', contains live Psa-V that can live for weeks at a time and carries a very high contamination risk.

  • Before exiting a loading site, all transport vehicles must be inspected for 'hitchhiker' plant material and soil.

  • Pay particular attention to ensure wheels, tyres, wheel arches and all work surfaces are clean and not harbouring soil and plant fragments.

  • Before leaving a loading site, wash down any vehicle that has come into contact with kiwifruit plant material.

Refer to the KVH protocol - fruit bins for more information about inter-regional bin movement.

Contractor hygiene resources

Orchard biosecurity pocket guides are available to view and download English and Punjabi. Poster versions can be downloaded below.

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