Orchard management

KVH has a range of pragmatic, simple, easy to use tools and resources freely available to all growers to help with biosecurity risk management and best practice.

Visit the Zespri Canopy for on-orchard Psa management information and resources; spray lists; and crop protection advice. You can also contact Zespri directly at 0800 155 355 (or 07 572 7600), or email [email protected].

Individual orchards have different biosecurity risk profiles. Variety, region, orchard environment and management practices all contribute to the orchard risk profile.

Use the easy 5-step on-orchard biosecurity plan template to identify risks, and how to address them. Click here to read more and complete your plan online, or download a copy of the booklet.

Orchards also have varying Psa risk profiles. For example, Psa severity will be worse in seasons/regions when winter is colder and early spring is wetter. This risk should be considered when formulating your Psa management plans. Information and best practice advice is co-ordinated by Zespri and available on the Zespri Canopy here.

The KVH Weather & Disease Portal is an online, weather-based decision support tool to assist growers with orchard management in a Psa environment. Weather station data and weather forecast information is combined to provide customised access to unique weather information, disease information and interpretations. Log in here to access the portal.

Note: From 1 April 2023 the kiwifruit industry moved into a new phase of Psa protection and longer-term management, including movement of the Weather & Disease portal from KVH to Zespri. Over time, logging in will be via the Zespri Canopy directly and we will keep you informed of plans for this change.

Through Onside, you can quickly and easily record all mandatory information of plant material movement to satisfy Pathway Management Plan and GAP requirements. All users of the Onside app can use this free functionality - all you need to do is:

  • download Onside from your app store (Apple or Google Play)
  • check-in to a property
  • record your plant movement details at anytime while checked-in. You can record source; destination; date; property KPIN; type; and volume. Here's an easy, visual 'how to' guide.

Growers can still keep physical records of plant material movements, but this free digital option has been designed to simplify the process of providing plant movement records as part of a GAP audit.

  • Growers already using Onside can activate the free tool here.
  • Growers not already using Onside or needing help setting up plant movement recording in your account, are encouraged to contact Onside’s kiwifruit customer success lead Guy Davidson at [email protected] or 022 329 1536.

For more information, view Onside’s new plant movement recording tool FAQ’s.

KVH-produced corflute biosecurity signage is available for orchard entry points free of charge.

These signs are to raise biosecurity awareness for people entering an orchard or nursery, and to help you set agreed expectations for best biosecurity practice.

Contact your pack-house, email KVH, or phone us on 0800 665 825 with a postal address and we will send signs to you.

Alternatively, download a PDF of the orchard sign here, or the nursery sign here.

Orchard sign 2021 FINAL

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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email KVH or phone us at 0800 665 825.

Supporting growers is a key focus for KVH. Whether you are seeking technical advice, looking for a regional KVH representative or you need pastoral support due to stress and anxiety, KVH has a network of support and help available.

are you a new grower or greenfield developer? download our 'welcome to kiwifruit' biosecurity information pack here