Psa-V Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) is a bacteria that can result in the death of kiwifruit vines. It was first discovered in New Zealand in November 2010 and rapidly caused widespread and severe impacts to New Zealand's kiwifruit industry.

Psa-V is a bacterial disease of kiwifruit vines and a major threat to the New Zealand kiwifruit industry. It carries no risks to human or animal health and does not affect plants other than kiwifruit vines.

First detected on a Te Puke orchard in November 2010, Psa has since been identified in numerous kiwifruit growing regions across New Zealand. Growth of Psa bacteria outside/inside kiwifruit vines can result in leaf spotting, cane/leader dieback and, in extreme cases, vine death accompanied by the production of exudates.

Since it's initial detection a significant amount of funding and resource has gone into an ongoing Psa-V research and development programme to better understand and manage the disease.

Based on the programme's results (combined with on-orchard experience) best best practice advice and resources are developed and used by the industry, working collectively at an orchard, regional and national level to reduce Psa spread and impacts, and ensure best practice for day-to-day management of the pathogen on-orchard. This information is produced and co-ordinated by Zespri, and is available online here.

As the kiwifruit industry's dedicated biosecurity agency, KVH leads all high-risk management of Psa and preparedness for any new variants. As such, Psa remains a specified organism in the Pathway Management Plan, which ensures we continue to have the ability to manage the spread of Psa within New Zealand and respond to new forms of Psa should they be found.

  • Visit the Zespri Canopy here for current Psa information and resources related to on-orchard management and best practice advice
  • Contact Zespri directly at 0800 155 355 (or 07 572 7600), or email [email protected]
  • Contact your local KVH Regional Coordinator
  • Speak with your local post-harvest grower liaison, technical expert, or merchant (e.g. Farmlands, PGG Wrightsons)

The KVH Weather & Disease Portal is an online, weather-based decision support tool to assist growers with orchard management in a Psa environment. Weather station data and weather forecast information is combined to provide customised access to unique weather information, disease information and interpretations. Log in here to access the portal or view our handy 'how to login' guide.

Within the portal you can choose to receive a daily email report for weather and Psa risk information, sent directly to your inbox. These reports are tailored for kiwifruit growers and come in a convenient PDF format (view a sample here) that you can forward to your team members, view on your phone, or print. You can choose what time of the day the reports are sent, and for which locations.

Any person who identifies potential symptoms of Psa on an orchard for the first time, or new spread of the disease, must report these to KVH within 48 hours of identification. To make a report email KVH or phone 0800 665 825. You can also contact your local KVH Regional Coordinator.

see psa resources and information previously produced by KVH