Growing media and compost

Growers should have a high degree of confidence in the biosecurity status of all inputs coming into an orchard, including growing media such as compost and mulch, as the movement of these could carry and introduce high-risk biosecurity threats. Therefore growing media has been included as a pathway for which there are controls under the National Kiwifruit Pathway Management Plan (Pathway Plan). 

Producers are required to have practices are in place to ensure that:

  • Product is free from high-risk organisms or that movements don’t carry significant risk

  • Traceability records are kept including:

    • the orchard receiving the goods,

    • the carrier taking the goods, and

    • the dates of delivery of the goods to the orchard.

All growing media suppliers are required to keep traceability records.

Psa-V is the current high-risk organism of the Pathway Plan, meaning compost providers need to demonstrate freedom of this pest. High risk organisms may be reviewed with any new information that changes the risk of spread on this pathway.

Mulch: Mulch containing kiwifruit plant material should not be moved between kiwifruit orchards and is prohibited from being moved from Psa positive orchards to Psa non-detected orchard. 

Compost: If compost doesn’t reach sufficiently high temperatures for an appropriate duration of time during the manufacturing process, then it can present a higher risk of introducing pests and diseases particularly if kiwifruit plant material is included as an input.  KVH has developed a template to make it easy for manufacturers to demonstrate they meet the rules of the Pathway Plan, and provide growers with a simple means of checking for growers to recognise this tick of approval.

  • Download and complete the Compost Manual here, documenting how the requirements will be met.

  • Submit the completed manual to KVH by emailing [email protected].

  • KVH will issue approval once we are satisfied requirements are met, which may involve an on-site audit.

  • Maintain records and be audited to confirm compliance.

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