Post-harvest and processors

the movement of equipment, personnel, and plant material to orchards where Psa is not detected, and to the south island, is strictly prohibited or restricted

Post-harvest operators are associated with the movement of equipment, personnel/contractors, and plant material between orchards and in some cases between regions.

Such movements may introduce pests or diseases into orchards. Processors are also associated with movements of risk goods, in particular the transport and handling of reject fruit.

Therefore, under the National Kiwifruit Pathway Management Plan every kiwifruit post-harvest and processor must have and operate in accordance with a “Kiwifruit Post-harvest and Processor Biosecurity Plan” (in a similar way that growers and contractors must also have and operate in accordance with a Biosecurity Plan).

A Post-harvest or Processor Biosecurity Plan must, at a minimum, adequately address the following:

  • a description of the risks to be managed in relation to kiwifruit industry pathways,
  • the steps that will be taken to manage the risks, including hygiene practices for vehicles, machinery, tools, bins, equipment, and personal effects to reduce the spread of harmful organisms, including the use of KVH approved sanitisers where possible and appropriate,
  • steps taken to ensure that all post-harvest and processor personnel are aware before entering an orchard of the risks, steps to manage these risks, and requirement to report any suspected pest or disease,
  • traceability systems that exist for fruit movements.

To assist with meeting these requirements, KVH has produced the following template and audit checklist that we will use when visiting you during the harvest season.


Post-harvest operators, please provide your completed biosecurity plan to KVH before beginning harvest each year, to [email protected].


Kiwifruit processors must register with KVH and have a Biosecurity Plan approved prior to the start of processing. Kiwifruit processors are defined as “a business that processes kiwifruit products and prepares those products for market”. Please complete the registration form or call KVH on 0800 665 825.

processor registration form

Growers and post-harvest suppliers should only supply kiwifruit for processing to KVH registered processors. Please contact KVH if you wish to supply kiwifruit to a processor that does not appear on the list below.

kvh registered processors