Past Psa-V resources

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The kiwifruit industry has been at the forefront of biosecurity and pest management for many years. This proactiveness and future thinking continues with implementation of of the industry’s Pathway Management Plan.

With the introduction of the new Plan, the industry moved into a new phase of Psa protection and longer-term management from 1 April 2023.

Psa continues to be managed in the same way, by the industry working collectively at an orchard, regional and national level to reduce spread and impacts, and ensure best practice for day-to-day management of the pathogen on-orchard.

To ensure the very best support for growers moving forward through this new phase there are changes in some responsibilities. To be consistent with other crop protection responsibilities for pests already present in New Zealand, Zespri now coordinates support to growers to manage the impact of Psa on-orchard and updates industry resources and tools to promote Psa management best practice. View these on the Zespri Canopy website here.

As the industry's dedicated biosecurity body KVH retains all high-risk management of Psa and preparedness for any new variants. 

Below you will find several Psa resources and pieces of information and advice that were produced by KVH prior to the 2023 move into a new phase of longer term management. If you have any questions about these resources and their past usage, please contact KVH at [email protected] or 0800 665 825 (visit the Zespri Canopy here for current Psa information and resources).

Management plans

Psa best practice

Psa spray information

Psa protectant products

Information about the five categories of products (copper, bactericides, elicitors, biological control agents, and CPPU).

Psa cut out: orchard assessment

Psa cut out: resources for teams

Psa orchard hygiene posters

English - Maori - Hindi - Nepalese - Punjabi - Samoan - Spanish - Thai - Simplified Chinese - Tongan

A short instructional hygiene video was also produced in English and Punjabi.

Psa risk compass infographic posters

The Psa-V risk compass provided infographic-style poster presentations of key issues for consideration when developing and implementing strategies for managing Psa-V.

Male management

Male vines appear more susceptible to Psa than female vines. Choice of cultivar and careful cultural management of male vines are important in minimising productivity impacts of Psa on orchards.

Psa research and development

KVH and Zespri innovation established in early 2011 a global research and development programme that enlisted the best scientific minds globally to provide solutions. This created a toolbox for managing Psa, and our understanding of appropriate plant husbandry progressed significantly.

Between 2011 and 2023, many reports and papers were published for the kiwifruit industry on the KVH website.

Psa impacts on people

The time following initial detection of Psa was tumultuous for everyone in the kiwifruit industry. In late 2020, in honour of the 10 year anniversary of the initial response, KVH commissioned a project capturing stories and lessons from our collective experiences to improve our preparedness for future incursions and share these lessons with others.

You can read the special reflections here.

KVH is thankful for the generous sponsorship and support from the many organisations that contributed to the production of the booklet, and those who shared their stories.