the movement of plant material, including budwood, to orchards where psa is not detected, and to the south island, is strictly prohibited or restricted

The movement of plant material, including budwood, presents the highest risk of spreading Psa and other kiwifruit pathogens.

Presently, there is no effective way to ‘clean’ infected material of Psa or guarantee that material is free of other pathogens. Therefore, best practice to reduce this risk is to source budwood from your own orchard and this is KVH’s recommendation.

However, should you choose to supply or source budwood from elsewhere here are the requirements and recommended practice for reducing the likelihood of spreading other pathogens.

There are three options for budwood supply

  1. KPCS Full Certification budwood: This is for KPINs who are not Psa positive and have tested Not Detected on all samples in their sampling and testing round in March/April. They can supply both Not Detected and Psa positive orchards as per the table below.

  2. KPCS Restricted Certification budwood: This is for KPINs who are Psa positive. They may only supply other Psa positive orchards in a Recovery region. Vines budwood is collected from must not be showing any Psa symptoms at time of collection.

  3. Grow for your own use: This is for when budwood is being taken from a block on one KPIN to the same or another block on the same KPIN. Budwood is moving between KPINs under the same legal ownership and is no more buds than are required to graft 1000 plants per year.

Traceability records must be maintained for budwood under all three options.

From To South Island To North Island
(Psa positive orchard)
To North Island
(not detected orchard)
North Island
(not detected orchard)
PROHIBITEDAllowed for certified budwood suppliers/distributorsAllowed for certified budwood suppliers/distributors
North Island
(Psa positive orchard)
PROHIBITEDPROHIBITEDAllowed for certified budwood suppliers/distributors
South IslandAllowed for certified budwood suppliers/distributorsKVH authorisation requiredKVH authorisation required

Supplying KPIN

  • Every KPIN supplying budwood regardless of who it is going to must register with KVH (complete the registration form further below on this page).

  • Complete orchard monitoring and record in manual.

  • Complete any testing requirements (Not Detected orchards must do a Psa test).

  • Complete the Budwood Manual (a WORD version is available here) documenting how the requirements will be met.

  • Submit manual to KVH once the above is complete to achieve certification.

  • KVH will issue a KPCS certificate once monitoring and testing requirements are met. Budwood must not move off the orchard until certification has been achieved.

  • Maintain records and be audited to confirm compliance.


  • Register with KVH (complete the registration form further below on this page).

  • Ensure the KPINs being used are KPCS certified (see above).

  • Complete the traceability/distribution record.

  • Maintain records and be audited to confirm compliance.


  • Growers wishing to obtain budwood must ensure that if it is not from their own orchard(s) that it is from a KPCS certified budwood supplier or registered distributor.

budwood registration form