Movement of plant material, including budwood, poses one of the greatest risks of spreading disease within and between orchards and regions. It is important full traceability of budwood is maintained. This allows recall as required in the event of a biosecurity incursion.

Budwood suppliers must register with KVH.

budwood registration form

All budwood suppliers must also follow budwood movement controls and complete and submit to KVH a Psa-V Risk Management Plan. These are both available in the KVH protocol for budwood. Additional information is available in the KVH budwood systems audit report.

It is essential to maintain traceability of budwood, especially when dealing with multiple KPINs. Read more about managing biosecurity risks when grafting.

Ensure strict hygiene protocols are followed when grafting. All grafting tools should be cleaned and sanitised between vines to avoid the risk of contamination and/or disease transfer between scions and stumps. Good hygiene practices may limit or prevent the spread of disease from vine to vine and between orchards.

For detailed information refer to KVH advice on best practice orchard hygiene and sanitisers.