Orchard plant movements

the movement of orchard plants to orchards where psa is not detected, and to the south island, is strictly prohibited or restricted

While most kiwifruit plant movements come from nurseries, growers may occasionally move mature plants between orchards.  This protocol outlines how to reduce the risk associated with these movements of spreading new forms of Psa and other biosecurity threats, and to meet your obligations under the National Kiwifruit Pathway Management Plan.

The movement of plant material presents the highest risk of spreading Psa and other kiwifruit pathogens. Presently there is no effective way to ‘clean’ infected material of Psa or guarantee that material is free of other pathogens.

All other orchard plants are required to meet Pathway Management Plan rules before being moved. Certification is a simple means to demonstrate compliance.

  • Complete the KPCS Orchard Plant Manual documenting how the requirements will be met.
  • Complete orchard monitoring and record in manual.
  • Complete any testing requirements (Not Detected orchards must do a Psa test).
  • Submit manual to KVH once the above is complete to achieve certification (plants must not move off the orchard until certification has been achieved).
  • Maintain records and be audited to confirm compliance.



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