Management plans

The Pathway Management Plan for the kiwifruit industry came into effect 1 April 2022.

It is a framework that better manages biosecurity risk for all the kiwifruit industry, and is the first National Pathway Management Plan, demonstrating the continued biosecurity proactiveness of our industry and an important step forward in the way we manage the risk of unwanted threats.

The new Pathway Management Plan is similar to the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP), which expired 13 May 2023 after a 10-year lifespan. The key difference is that the new Plan doesn’t focus on a single pest - such as Psa - and allows us to manage a broader range of threats to the kiwifruit industry, so that we can detect anything new quickly enough to stop its spread, limit impacts, and aim for eradication.

It retains important elements needed for Psa protection (e.g., controlling movements of high-risk pathways to the South Island) and also provides much wider benefits including streamlining and simplifying rules and regulations so they are more pragmatic, and giving growers and industry more value for money.

Associated Levy Orders are approved by Cabinet and available below.


A grower levy funds the Pathway Management Plan. For the 2024/25 year the levy rate is 0.6 cents per tray. A copy of the Biosecurity (Kiwifruit National Pathway Management Plan - Kiwifruit Levy) Order 2022 is available here.