Reminder to be on the lookout for myrtle rust

19 October 2017

Symptoms of myrtle rust are likely to be a lot more prevalent with warmer temperatures and summer looming. If you see it on plants on your orchard, property, or garden, don’t touch it. Take a photo and call the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 0800 80 99 66.

Be on the lookout for brig yellow powdery eruptions on either or both sides of the leaf; brown/grey rust pustules (older spores) which appear on older lesions; and buckled or twisted leaves which may die off.

Good hygiene practices should always be followed to help manage biosecurity threats, particularly the KVH hygiene recommendations. The key point is that plant material, vehicles, people and equipment can carry pests and diseases. Restrict access to orchards and ensure visitors, harvest staff, and contractors know and follow your hygiene requirements.