Psa-V positive?

Do you suspect Psa-V in your orchard for the first time?

Any person who identifies potential symptoms of Psa-V on an orchard for the first time must report these to KVH within 48 hours of identification.

To make a report email KVH or phone 0800 665 825.

Details on the sampling and testing process can be found here.

Has your orchard recently been confirmed Psa-V positive?

KVH recommends you work with your pack-house to decide strategies to manage Psa-V on your orchard. You can also contact KVH with any specific questions.

Growers need to manage infected material to reduce the risk of spread within and between orchards. Information and guidance about on-orchard management is co-ordinated by Zespri and available on the Zespri Canopy here.

Information about services and organisations that can provide further support should you wish to talk to someone is available on our website here.