2014 Psa-V Seasonal Management Guide - Wall Chart

28 August 2014

This season KVH has produced a visual Wall Chart to support growers with their Psa-V Orchard Management Plans for the upcoming season.

Click here for an online version of the Wall Chart.

The Wall Chart, which growers should receive in the post shortly, provides an excellent tool for raising awareness of Psa-V management and can be placed in offices and smoko rooms to support education of orchard staff and visitors.

The chart indicates the importance of a multi-layered approach to Psa-V management including:

  • Recognition of Psa-V risk associated with different seasons.
  • Planning of structured Psa-V monitoring rounds.
  • Well-timed canopy management to minimise Psa-V risk by reducing and protecting wounds. The maintenance of an open canopy structure also helps to optimise spray penetration.
  • A spray plan which includes proven products with different modes of action.
  • Ongoing biosecurity, including orchard hygiene and compliance with movement protocols (particularly plant material) to ensure risk items are not introduced.

The full Seasonal Management Guide for Spring/Summer is being finalised and will available on the KVH website next week. Any changes to the Guide, including updates to the Recommended Product List, will be made to the website version.