Tapping into wider biosecurity readiness

28 March 2024

In partnership with Biosecurity New Zealand (BNZ) KVH recently held a series of workshops with a wide range of experts to draw on their expertise and knowledge to help us focus our future readiness activities on areas that will provide us the biggest value as an industry.

The first workshop was hosted in Auckland at the Plant Health and Environment Laboratory (PHEL) where we were lucky enough to get 13 diagnostic and surveillance experts in the room. We spent some time walking them through the industry’s experience from Psa, what our key biosecurity activities have been to date, and then workshopped focus areas where we could strengthen our resilience in the future. The second workshop was held in Wellington and involved a range of BNZ readiness and response experts. Again, drawing on their years of experiences in response to help highlight what areas KVH could develop to ensure that should we ever find ourselves in a response, we have the right tools and processes to give us the best chance at a successful eradication.

A special thank you to everyone who came along. It was exciting to have so many experts giving up their time to help us as an industry build our biosecurity preparedness.

We organised these events with BNZ as part of our Government Industry Agreement for Readiness and Response (GIA) relationship and will now take the learnings away and develop future work programmes providing us with a good road map towards building our biosecurity resilience.