A biosecurity team of 4.7 million

08 September 2016
This is one of five ambitious strategic directions MPI is proposing as part of Biosecurity 2025 and one which KVH firmly supports. Success means that by 2025, all New Zealander’s will be aware of and knowledgeable about biosecurity and empowered to participate as biosecurity guardians. As part of MPI’s consultation process, KVH and other industries participated in a workshop hosted by MPI to work through this strategic direction to make this goal a reality. The workshop’s aim was to bring relevant industries together to better understand the strategic direction and give input about what it will deliver, what actions for different audiences will be required, how it will be implemented and what measures will assess progress. Biosecurity 2025 is about reviewing and future-proofing New Zealand's biosecurity system. Public and industry consultation is underway and KVH will be putting forward a submission on behalf of the kiwifruit industry before it closes tomorrow. The submission will be available once finalised.