A reminder of hygiene for pruning tools

15 September 2022

Recent research from the Kiwifruit Biosecurity Steering Group and funded by the Zespri Innovation Biosecurity portfolio looked to find ways to limit the spread of Ceratocystis fimbriata (an offshore pathogenic fungi impacting kiwifruit in Brazil) should it arrive in New Zealand.

Pruning tools used on orchard are often high-risk transmission pathways of Ceratocystis between healthy and sick vines.

The study looked to evaluate the efficacy of different sanitisers against spread on tools. Findings now available on the KVH website provided a strong reminder of the merit of using good tool hygiene with sanitisers on the orchard. Employing tool hygiene will not only reduce the spread of Ceratocystis should it arrive in New Zealand, but other tool-transmissible pathogens.

More information about orchard management and hygiene is available on the KVH website here.