Abandoned orchard removed in North West Auckland

24 March 2016

KVH has facilitated the removal of a one hectare abandoned kiwifruit orchard in the North-West Auckland region. The orchard was recorded as unmanaged three years ago but was subsequently pruned and sprayed to meet KVH requirements.

The property was recently sold and after considering all options, the new owners agreed to removal over management. The orchard was low-lying and a marginal economic proposition for continued Hayward production. Local postharvest companies were no longer interested in any possible lease.

A North-Auckland based contractor has completed the removal. Piled vines will be burnt once they have dried out and fruit picking is completed on neighbouring orchards.

KVH would like to thank the land owner and all involved in achieving a successful outcome.

If growers know of any unmanaged or abandoned kiwifruit orchards, please alert KVH with location and orchard status details – email [email protected].