Abandoned orchard update

04 September 2014

Since February 2013 KVH has recorded 93 orchards as abandoned. Of these, 75 orchards have been removed or returned to a managed state. Of the remaining 18 orchards; 10 have removal underway but not yet completed (for example, the removed vines are yet to be burnt) and one is being pruned and returned to management.

KVH is working with the owners of the remaining seven orchards to ensure that National Psa-V Pest Management Plan requirements for their orchards are met. This means vines must be pruned and tied down by 1 October each year. Fruit must be picked by 1 July each year and KVH approved products, effective against Psa-V, must be applied to reduce the effects of Psa-V bacterium.

If growers are aware of any further abandoned or unmanaged orchards, anywhere in New Zealand, then please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 or email [email protected]. It is important that abandoned orchards do not harbour Psa-V disease and present an inoculum source infecting neighbouring orchards. Psa-V can move via wind movement, especially during wet and stormy weather events, for up to 10 kilometres from the infected orchard.