Actigard - recommended timings

21 September 2017

Actigard™ is an important product for Psa management and should be incorporated into spring spray programmes alongside copper, to help protect new growth which is highly susceptible to Psa infection.

Actigard™ has systemic activity, and activates the plants natural defence systems within four to seven days of application. The active ingredient acidbenzolar-S-methyl is taken up rapidly, making the product effectively “rain proof” one hour after spraying. It moves both upwards and outwards into new growth and downwards to lower leaves and roots.

Trials have shown Actigard™ reduces leaf spot and flower bud infection and should be considered, particularly in areas where early signs of Psa infection have been found.

For mature vines, time first applications after leaves have reached 25mm in diameter, and for newly grafted vines (Gold3) begin applying Actigard™ once grafts are around 25cm long. Delay application if vines are under stress and ensure full label rates (20g/100L) are used. Repeat applications can be made 21 days later. A second key application timing for Actigard™ is one to seven days prior to flowering, when other options for Psa control are limited and infection risk remains high. A maximum of four applications per season applies.

Refer to the Kiwifruit Technote Spring 2017.