Air New Zealand onboard with new biosecurity video

28 November 2019

The in-flight biosecurity video, reminding travellers about the importance of protecting our country from unwanted pests and diseases, will now be screened on all international Air New Zealand flights.

Launched earlier in the year, airlines with screen capacity committed to play the video to arriving passengers. KVH has been part of direct discussions with Air New Zealand about their current capacity and is pleased that this has resulted in commitment from the airline to have the video playing on every flight (available in a wide range of languages) within the next month.

All visitors to the country and kiwis returning home can help protect New Zealand from harmful pests and diseases. The video provides a clear message about what everyone’s responsibilities are when arriving here. The simple lesson is, if you're unsure about an item you’ve got – declare it.

There are two versions of the video – one spoken in English and one for Chinese airlines spoken in Mandarin. The English version has been translated/sub-titled into 12 different languages, including Hindi, Malay, Arabic, Korean and French. It has also been translated into Bilsama, a national language in Vanuatu spoken by many seasonal workers.

Watch the video here.