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Algorithmic detection on its way

Algorithmic detection on its way

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09 Oct 23 Biosecurity News

Algorithmic detection on its way

Image above: Boxes generated by the new biosecurity algorithm built into baggage scanners indicate fruit, meat, and a jar inside this suitcase.

A new biosecurity algorithm will help officers detect risk items in passenger baggage at Auckland Airport.

Running on a baggage scanner from this month, it will support decision-making by machine operators by placing a box around the item of interest on the viewing screen.

Biosecurity New Zealand, and Australian counterparts have been working with the scanner manufacturer to build the algorithm, to indicate priority fruit and meat – including fruit-fly host commodities like apples, pears, oranges, and mangoes.

The biosecurity algorithm will also be installed on a second unit, scanning mail at the new international processing centres in Auckland.


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