Are you a biosecurity quizmaster?

22 February 2018

KVH was a proud supporter of the 2018 Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower competition which was held in conjunction with the Te Puke A&P show last Saturday.

KVH provided a biosecurity quiz to the six competitors – congratulations to Danni van der Heijden for winning the quiz and for achieving overall winner for Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower of the Year.

This is an abbreviated form of the questions put to the competitors, who delighted us with their biosecurity knowledge by scoring an average of 85%. How does your biosecurity knowledge compare? Do you know your soldier bugs from your stink bugs? Got a good handle on Government Ministers and recent responses across the country? Test yourself before checking the answers at the end of this page. Good luck!

1. Who is the current Minister for Biosecurity and can you name the Government department responsible for biosecurity?

2. Can you name a significant biosecurity response that has taken place in New Zealand within the past five years?

3. What is one valuable lesson we can take from the response to Psa so that we are better prepared for the impacts of future incursions?

4. Imagine you have come back from overseas and when you get home you open your bag to find fruit that you forgot to declare at the border. What should you do?

5. Name three biosecurity significant threats to kiwifruit that are not present in New Zealand.

6. Why is it important for growers to keep records of where they have sourced their plants from?

7. Name two other practices growers can implement to reduce the risk of biosecurity threats.

8. Name a biosecurity incursion in Australia that has been in the news lately.

9. What is the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) 0800 number for reporting unusual symptoms or invasive pests?

10. One of the shield bugs below is a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). The others are species commonly foind in New Zealand. Which one is the BMSB? How can you tell?

Find the answers here