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Are you biosecurity savvy?

Are you biosecurity savvy?

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27 Oct 21 Grower News

Are you biosecurity savvy?

KVH were delighted to see how much the contestants in the Bay of Plenty Young Fruitgrower of the Year competition knew about biosecurity. Erin Atkinson from Apata was awarded the title at an industry dinner on February 15. Competitors faced various tasks, including a biosecurity quiz which they completed with an impressive 80 percent average. We’ve truncated the questions to create a quick five-minute quiz for those of you who want to pit your knowledge against the young fruitgrowers coming up through the industry. Answers are at the end of the bulletin. Good luck! What is the name of the Government Department / Ministry responsible for New Zealand biosecurity? What is the name of the Minister in charge of biosecurity for New Zealand? KVH and NZ Avocado are both GIA signatories. What does GIA stand for and what is it about? What should you do if you observe plants with unusual symptoms or see an organism that may be a new invasive pest on your orchard? In February 2015, there was a significant biosecurity incursion in Auckland – what was the name of the organism that caused this? What is the name of the organism pictured left and in what ways does it look different from other shield bugs? Cruise ship passengers have been a recent focus of biosecurity efforts. What is the main biosecurity concern associated with this risk pathway? Last year a new strategy or direction statement was released for Biosecurity in New Zealand. What is the name of this and name one of the five key strategic directions included in this?


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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