Auckland fruit fly detections update

21 March 2019

Two further male Queensland Fruit Flies (QFF) were found in Northcote last week, bringing the total to six. One of the new finds was inside the current Zone A and the other was in Zone B.

The latest finds mean an expansion of Zone A in Northcote and associated restrictions on the movement of fruit, vegetables and green waste. It also means an increase in operational response activities. Teams on the ground have been removing fallen fruit from backyards, inspecting compost bins and placing bait on fruit trees to attract and kill adult flies, in particular females.

The bait is made up of a protein to attract adult fruit flies and a very low concentration of insecticide to kill the flies. It’s similar to how people bait wasps in their backyards. The baits are toxic to fruit flies. Every precaution is taken to make sure the baits are safe around people and animals.

There have been no further finds of QFF in Devonport since the only find there on Thursday 14 February. However, because of the proximity to Northcote, movement controls and trapping have continued – this will reconsidered within the next few days.

No further Facialis fruit fly have been found in Otara (three in total have been found here).

Kiwifruit growers should talk to their post-harvest providers if they have any questions about what the impacts to them might be due to movement controls or export restrictions.

If you require support you can contact NZKGI or visit their website to learn more about the support network available.

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