Aureo Gold allowed for use for up to six weeks from fruitset

19 January 2023

Aureo Gold is an effective Psa control alternative to copper through the summer period and may be used by conventional and organic growers up to six weeks post fruitset.

For late flowering orchards this period can reach into late January, and the Zespri Crop Protection Standard (CPS) allows usage through this timing. A Justified Approval (JA) can be requested for use after six weeks from fruitset.

A reminder to growers that as with any foliar product applied during summer (including foliar fertilisers), caution should be applied as fruit lenticels open as temperatures rise and spraying while lenticels are open can result in fruit damage. Spray application in the mornings before temperatures exceed 25°C is recommended. Also take care to only apply sprays in good drying conditions. Check humidity is not excessive as this will extend drying times.

A year-round list of spray products and rates is available here.