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Award honours Rob Beresford

Award honours Rob Beresford

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05 Dec 23 Company Notices

Award honours Rob Beresford

Dr Robert Beresford, Plant & Food Research scientist well known to many growers, has been awarded the Lester Burgess Award for his exceptional contribution in the field of research communication and extension, specifically through his work in relation to the Psa Risk Model.

The award is presented by the Australasian Plant Pathology Society for contributions to the diagnosis of plant diseases and communication of research to horticulturalists.

The Psa Risk Model is the output of a decade of research with the first preliminary predictive model delivered by Rob and his team in March 2012 and refined as new information on the biology of Psa became available, culminating in the highly sophisticated tool that growers literally hold in their hands today.

Congratulations to Rob on an award well deserved.


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