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Award winning Aureo®Gold

Award winning Aureo®Gold

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09 Dec 21 Biosecurity News

Award winning Aureo®Gold

Biocontrol product Aureo®Gold won the Commercial Impact Award at the recent KiwiNet Awards which celebrate heroes in research commercialisation.

Developed by Plant & Food Research and its commercial partner UPL, with the support of Zespri and KVH, Aureo®Gold was launched in late November 2018 and marked an important milestone in the industry’s ongoing efforts to better manage Psa.

A more environmentally friendly product that is safe for bees, Aureo®Gold meets low residue requirements for export kiwifruit. It is already providing kiwifruit growers in New Zealand, especially organic growers, with an important tool in their Psa management toolbox. It’s development and success is a reminder of how our tools have increased over the years with Innovation support – you can watch a short video about the product’s history of development and the science behind it here.

Plant & Food Research and UPL have begun commercialisation offshore to meet the demands of kiwifruit growers globally, where kiwifruit is grown on more than 400,000 hectares, most of which are affected by Psa.

Read more about the Awards here.


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