Biosecurity 2025

22 April 2021

Biosecurity 2025 is a national partnership between people, organisations, Maori, and central, local and regional government. It's aim is to make our biosecurity system more resilient and future-focused to protect our taonga and New Zealand from pests and diseases.

KVH is a key partner in Biosecurity 2025 and there are a number of kiwifruit industry, community, and regional initiatives KVH helps drive that are part of this national strategy.

Ko Tātou This Is Us
Biosecurity keeps our incredible home safe from pests and diseases. Ko Tātou This Is Us asks us to take a moment to think about how biosecurity protects our way of life, the outdoor environment where we fish, farm, hunt and explore, the beautiful biodiversity of our unique ecosystem and even the food we eat.

Every New Zealander has a role to play in preventing pests and diseases from getting here or helping to stop their spread if they do arrive. It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got. View the video below and visit the Ko Tātou This Is Us website to learn more.

KVH produces resources that help every person with a connection to the kiwifruit industry know that they also have a special role in managing the threat of unwanted pests and diseases.

Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital (TMBC)
This is a collaboration between Tauranga Moana iwi, local industries and business, science institutions, educators, central and local government. Its purpose is leading and taking collaborative action towards biosecurity excellence.

This coalition is an exemplar for regional collaboration and partnership - it is an example of Ko Tātou This Is Us in action, building a biosecurity team of 4.7 million New Zealanders.

Our TMBC focus is on working with rangatahi in partnerships with educators; connecting our communities to the importance of biosecurity; and building collaboration across iwi, hapu, community organisations, industries, science and Matauranga Maori experts, central government and local government to achieve biosecurity excellence. Visit the TMBC website to learn more.

Biosecurity Excellence at the Port of Tauranga
This award-winning partnership was formed in 2014 between the Port, several primary industries, and central and local government agencies to prevent and respond to biosecurity risks through the Port of Tauranga.

All groups have come together with the goal of having no incursions through the Port. This is achieved by working collaboratively and being committed to biosecurity excellence, through effective biosecurity awareness and the use of the very best tools and technologies, backed by science.