Biosecurity matters: Darshan and his family tell us why

12 November 2020

The kiwifruit industry has a new video star in Hume Pack-N-Cool’s Darshan Singh, who features in the industry’s latest contribution to the national Ko Tātou This Is Us biosecurity campaign.

KVH worked with Darshan and his family to produce the clip on their five-hectare Katikati orchard, championing why we want to keep harmful pests and diseases away. In the video, Darshan talks about how growing kiwifruit has been a way of life for his family for a long time and they have enjoyed the benefits that have come along with it – biosecurity is important so that this success continues for future generations he says.

You can see the new video on the KVH YouTube channel, and KVH/Zespri social media as well as Ko Tātou This Is Us social media sites and advertising.