Biosecurity response skills put to the test

13 May 2021

KVH took part in a regional exercise yesterday to practice and improve biosecurity response skills across Tauranga.

The simulation, organised by the Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital (TMBC) initiative and run by specialists from Biosecurity New Zealand, ran the whole day and provided practical experience based on a real-life response. In this case, the example for the simulation was a marine response to a detection of the unwanted Northern Pacific Seastar, which hasn’t established anywhere in New Zealand and is a voracious predator that displaces native and fisheries species.

KVH staff are well trained and experienced in biosecurity responses, and the exercise gave us a practical reminder of what it’s really like to participate in a fast-moving event involving many different groups of people who all need to be kept informed and updated.

Importantly, the exercise was focused on building TMBC capability as a network and being prepared to help stop the spread of any nasty invasions in the region, of huge benefit to the kiwifruit industry in the event of a response affecting us as it would mean an additional trained community network to help support KVH and KiwiNet – our dedicated group of people selected from across the kiwifruit industry who champion biosecurity readiness and coordinate the deployment of industry resources into responses.