Biosecurity tops agribusiness priority list again

22 June 2023

Biosecurity has retained the number one ranking in KPMG’s annual Agribusiness Agenda priorities survey for the 13th consecutive year.

With a priority score of 9.06 (compared to 8.76 last year) the point was made by leaders interviewed that as the impacts of climate change increase, we must recognise that extreme weather events and new temperature norms create conditions for pests and diseases to arrive and become established across the country.

Recognising biosecurity as the highest priority suggests leaders understand the risks; however, the report notes we need to be careful not to pay lip service to the threat but take practical steps to ensure we are prepared and ready to respond when an incursion occurs.

The strain that recent weather events have placed on civil defence systems was highlighted, as was the importance of the informal community army in responding to such emergencies. KPMG noted that during their interviews, the question was posed whether we have a match fit team on standby ready to respond, with the need to be clear on their role should we experience a biosecurity incursion.

These key areas of response capability, adapting to change, and readiness are all main areas of discussion at the upcoming KVH Biosecurity Symposium. You can register now to save your spot - do keep a lookout on our website as well as in future Bulletins for the full programme, coming soon.

Image below: The top four priorities and their score, from the KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 2023 priorities survey.