BMSB threat: stricter requirements for sea containers from Italy

11 January 2018

After KVH and other horticultural industries lobbied the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), we are pleased that changes have been made to import requirements for sea containers being loaded and exported to New Zealand from Italy.

We have been discussing with MPI the need to implement stricter measures to help manage the risk of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) because of increased levels of detections of the bug at the border, and uncertainty around the ability of importers to verify compliance with import requirements.

Sea containers now have the same requirements as vehicles and machinery from Italy for fumigation or heat treatment which must take place before shipping. Documentation must be provided to MPI verifying this.

In place until March, the extra requirement means we, as an industry, can be more confident systems are in place that appropriately manage the risk posed by BMSB at our border over the high-risk summer period. MPI have listened to the concerns raised and taken the right steps. Read more detail about the MPI changes here.