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BOTRY-Zen now has a full claim against Psa

BOTRY-Zen now has a full claim against Psa

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

BOTRY-Zen now has a full claim against Psa

The biological BOTRY-Zen now holds a full registration through ACVM as a biological control option for Psa.

A limited label claim was initially achieved in 2013. Plant & Food Research is the research provider for Botry-Zen (2001) Ltd and has carried out field trials that have contributed to ACVM granting label claims for the product, for the control of Psa in kiwifruit.

BOTRY-Zen holds certified Biogro status and offers an additional control option for all growers. It is best used as part of an integrated control programme and is better suited to low Psa pressure situations. The product contains Ulocladium oudemansii U3 spores as the active ingredient and application when temperatures are above 15 degrees is recommended as optimal for rapid spore generation and spread.

At this time of the season, growers can apply BOTRY-Zen post-harvest and then again after pruning. The product can be tank mixed with one other compatible product such as copper or Actigard and may be applied to mature vines, development blocks and nursery plants.

BOTRY-Zen is available through major retailers.

Spray information on the KVH website has been updated to reflect BOTRY-Zen’s full label claim.


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