Budwood movement

11 June 2015

Budwood movement will be a focus for many suppliers and growers at this time of year. Please remember:

  • All suppliers of budwood must be registered with KVH and supply a copy of their Psa-V Risk Management Plan – Budwood www.kvh.org.nz/indgrafters
  • Growers receiving budwood must only obtain budwood from a KVH registered supplier. NB: Growers supplying Zespri with budwood for their budwood programme have been registered by Zespri and are covered by Zespri’s Risk Management Plan, a copy of which is held by KVH.
  • Budwood movement must comply with the controls outlined in KVH Protocol: Budwood
  • Budwood movement from Psa-V positive orchards is only allowed in Recovery regions – NB: movement between Recovery regions requires KVH authorisation.
  • Monitoring, sampling and testing must occur within six weeks of budwood collection.
  • Budwood collection area to be sprayed with copper within four weeks of collection.
  • Tool hygiene and sanitising must be maintained.
  • Records of budwood supplied and received must be maintained and kept with grower GAP records.

Karyn Lowry, KVH Operations