Budwood registration and supply

16 May 2019

KVH best practice advice is to source budwood from your own orchard wherever possible to reduce the likelihood of spreading Psa or other pathogens.

If this is not possible, the growers who are supplying budwood off their orchard need to register annually with KVH and complete a Budwood Risk Management Plan.

Requirements for budwood suppliers are detailed in the KVH Protocol: Budwood, and include a requirement to monitor the budwood collection area and tag any vines that are showing any symptoms or are not healthy.

Budwood should not be collected from material left on the ground after pruning as this may mean that wood from unhealthy vines is distributed to other orchards, resulting in disease transfer.

It is important to maintain traceability - growers need to record all material moving off and onto their orchard. This will help with disease or pest containment in the event of a new incursion.